Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Lost in the Bush

Once upon a time Kahu,Toby and Zack  went on a camp they went on a bus to Mont Bruce when they went they saw a witty kiwi but they fell in the bush then there group left , great where are we said Zack , they left us said Toby  , stay carme there's got to be a way out i say then out of nowhere a bare pops out we all run as the bare charges at us then we hid behind a rock then it went ,Finally it's gon said Toby, what was that i said , bear's aren't in the bush said Zack then we thond a cave but something was in there we went closer it was dark we could see srap teef and red eyes there was a long tall ROAR!!!! It was a dragon! Aaaaaaaaaaa we sowed running out of the cave there was fire rushing  from the dragon's moth then we climb a tree to get away the  dragon was right below us ,shh Do not make a sound, said Zack then a branch fell down on him he saw us we started running again the tree burned down we ran as fast as we could then we hid behind a tree it lose us this is ,crazy!said Zack, ,we were chased by a dragon!said Toby ,i agree i said, its ,getting dark said Toby, ,ya i said, we saw smoke ,some one must be there i said, we walkt for hours and hours ,arr i'm so tired said Toby, , i'm so hot i said ,me to said Zack, it was a ship ,were saved we shaowtid, ,watt none of us know how to saile said Toby, ,owe now that you say it we're doomed! Said Zack,then we saw Aum and Riley on the ship ,Kahu Zack Toby! Said Aum and Riley, ,are we glad to see you i said, then they salid of back home  the End.      


  1. grate really hoked me in ispeshly the dragon

  2. Wow Kahu I love your story it realy had me hooked in but it has a few mistakes in it.
    Like instead of mount Bruce you said mont Bruce.
    well done!!! from Jordan.S