Thursday, 11 May 2017

Farmers Fields


  1. cool Kahu i did not under stand Sam of that and i am in stage 5 i'm leaky to have a friend like you and i men rely leaky.

  2. cool cool very cool Kahu

  3. cool Kahu i did not know same off that maths.

  4. Wow Kahu I love your Farmer fields slide
    I like that you have shown your working out for your perimeter on slide number's
    3,5,7 to show that your answer was right
    I also liked how wou drew the square in your book but I don't know what the
    8+8=16, 6+6=12, 10+10 = 20,and the 4x8=32 thing is about I dont undestand that

    Well Done Kahu! from Jordan